4 indicators to see if a company cares about people
Written by Griet Johanna Vandenhouweele on Jan. 25th 2019
There are 4 major indicators that can help understand if your company is actually caring about its' people

1. Incentives
Your company strategically cares about what people think. Even more, they help them focus by adding the right incentives.  "Health" is a key "indicator" in each coworkers' reporting and review. 
Because the company leadership knows the importance of thoughts. How each thought triggers an emotion, that triggers an action. And how massive thoughts induce massive actions and create behavior: the organization's culture. 

2 Bottom-up communication processes
The focus is on a bottom-up initiative. There are amazing tools and communication in place for EACH coworker to be seen and heard. Ideas flow freely and come from all parts and don't stay in an idea box but become an action within minutes after being launched, to immediately learn if the health idea is a success, by doing it! Do you want to meditate? Post, share and with 1 click and within minutes 10 colleagues have joined your initiative. 

3 Everything becomes a habit
The focus is long term. Everyone knows and understands the psychology of habit creation all focus is on "how can we create long term habits" for outstanding health and business results.

4 A Corporate Wellness Manager
There's an official role (and budget for at least 1 day per week!) for a  health and wellbeing: the Corporate Wellness Manager. He or she is responsible for making management feel seen and heard, get house rules for each new initiative and boost creativity with all employees. 

Are these 4 thought flowing and effortlessly in action. 
Then your organization is great!

Is your organization only "shouting" what a great place to work it is, but the above isn't in place. Well, then it's not "grounded" yet. Time to start acting

Griet Johanna

Griet Johanna helps companies focus to create healthy and productive corporate cultures. She is an expert at helping companies get business results using effective corporate wellness and making things super simple to understand.
If you're interested in supporting your company to create a healthy corporate culture or scale it to involve all offices and countries to get vibrant healthy cultures then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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