Are You Ready to Create Your Dream Career in Wellbeing?
How You Can Create Your Dream Career and Dream Work-Life
Combining Your Skills and Passion
Griet Johanna Create Your Dream Job
Just by being YOU, with your current skills and experience, you can create your Dream Career as a Freelance Wellbeing Coordinator. 

Are you inspired by helping others with their health and wellbeing? 

Would you love to be a change-maker and have an impact on professionals at work all over the world?

Do you long for something more from your career but you aren’t quite sure how to create it and experience true fulfillment?

Start-2 DreamJob shows you how to take what you already have within you and create a career and a life you love and that energizes you.

This inspirational video is for you if:
  • ​You want to work from your passion and essence and be paid abundantly
  • ​ You are ready to create your dream career as a freelance Wellbeing Coordinator
  • ​You want to know how to create your own business doing what you love 
  • ​You are ready to learn the art of connection in selling so that you continuously have more people to serve  
  • ​You have your own wellbeing habits and have worked in businesses and organizations previously
  • ​You want to have flexible work hours and location and not be in a company doing the 9-5 daily grind
  • ​You want certainty – no more underpaid workshops
  • ​You want the knowledge of how to navigate the digital online jungle and how to maximize your success
“Sales is the first connection we have with people and when we know how to authentically share our service with them, we realize that sales is just the transfer of energy in fair exchange” 

Testimonials from Dreamjob Students: 

Hey Griet! I have started the Dreamjob course today. I am inspired by your Dreamjob content! See you online on Tuesday! Marketing & Corporate Wellness Consultant Paris

OMG OMG I am just driving home. They want me! After 6 weeks of taking Dreamjob course, I am now responsible for the health and wellbeing of 300 coworkers. I got the contract of 60 days at hourly fees of 85 EUR - Corporate Wellness Consultant Belgium

I've been invited by my previous employer to give a chat about motivating employees. Thanks to the Dreamjob live coaching session and I know exactly how to bring in my new passion for wellbeing on top of my design experience. - Corporate Wellness Consultant Denmark 

I've just been invited by the CEO of a group of companies to go sailing! Corporate Wellness Consultant Rotterdam 

For years I wanted to offer my services as a personal coach to companies. I now met the Mayor of a city with 50.000 citizens and with the Dreamjob course I was able to pitch my services and make a clear business case. He heard me and connected me with his team! - Corporate Wellness Consultant Belgium

I have stable WIFI now in my home in Ibiza and I just got my first 2 VP's to connect with me on LinkedIn! Corporate Wellness Consultant Spain 

I was able to convince my manager the same day I talked to Griet to pay for this Dreamjob course for me! After years of hearing the same things, this course was truly unique and inspiring. - Internal Corporate Wellness Consultant Belgium 

After a couple of days of doing the sales part of the course, I got my first 900 EUR customer package sold and immediately got Return on Investment on the course! - Entrepreneur Wellness Manager Belgium 

I am now involving my wife too in our journey to becoming a Corporate Wellness consultant as we both have complimentary gifts to offer to companies. Corporate Wellness Consultant Denmark

This year I promised myself 2 things: I am writing a book and bringing my retreats to companies. I just got in the course and I am super excited!  Corporate Wellness Consultant Bali 

After 9 months in the Dreamjob course, we have 5 (!) confirmed customers hiring us for 12 up to 60 days of corporate wellness work - Corporate Wellness Agency Belgium 

I started the Dreamjob Course and I immediately started attracting people wanting to work with me. The Dreamjob course using the law of attraction and suddenly I was sitting next to a CEO with more than 200 employees, just like that. Corporate Wellness consultant Bali

Here’s What Our Students Have to Say

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