Create Your Dream WorkLife
How I created my Dream Worklife, attracted high paying Jobs & Customers by combining my business skills and passion for health & wellbeing.  
I was passionate about health & wellbeing, but I did not feel "heard" or "seen" when I was working as an employee in a company. I was hired to give health workshops in companies, but I missed seeing long term results and being fully involved in the strategy of wellness at company level. 

I had to focus more on sales, explanation and online presence than on doing what I actually loved, motivation people in organisations to create healthier habits...

Until I got hired by a CEO who asked me to make his teams healhier by focusing on what I was passionate about (which was movement, yoga, meditation, healthy food, surfing, swimming...)... and I was paid consulting fees to do ... what I loved, for a living! 

Our team grew up to 10 people in Belgium, we built software to scale ourselves ( and ever since 2017  I am traveling the world fulltime as Digital Nomad, being able to live and work in my own flow each day.

The key I had to overcome was my fear of rejection. I soon realised there was actually nobody stopping me, but the thoughts in my mind. Guts and action boosted my confidence every single day.  

When I started to open up and let go, customers came to me and I was paid high consulting fees for long term assignments, attracting amazing projects & coworkers each day. 

I summarized over 14.600 hours (and counting) where I studied and implemented projects and teach people every single step to get their dream worklife. (Yes I share all the mistakes I make so you can take the safe shortcut). 

I promise my coachees results, high energy, excitement and not a single day of "traditional work" for the their life. 

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